When to introduce solids to a child

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When to introduce solids to a child

It is recommended that you do no start solids until your child is six months old. Until six months of age breast milk or infant formula supplies your child with all his/her required nutritional needs. If you start solids too early can cause your child to develop food allergies. As child's intestinal tract is fully developed until about six months of age and introducing solids before this time can put a strain on their intestinal system.

Another reason for not starting solids before six months of age is to avoid overfeeding. Young babies cannot offer you non verbal signals when they are full, such as turning away or not be interested in the food offered.

A third reason for not starting your child on solids is due to your child's inability to swallow solids correctly before six months of age. If solids are introduced prior to six months of age you could potential cause your child to chock.

Contrary to the popular myth, starting solids early will not help your child to sleep through the night.

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