How to stop a toddler from biting

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How to stop a toddler from biting

Biting other children and adults is a common behaviour most toddlers exhibit and increases when a child is frustrated or tired. It is very important not to overreact when it occurs, instead teach your child that this is not acceptable behaviour. Some steps you can take when your child bites may include:

  • Look your child directly into his/her eyes and give him/her a firm "NO".
  • Move your child to another area for some alone time. Let him/her know that it is not okay to bite another person because it hurts.
  • It is important not to overreact or bite your child back. Biting your child back will just reinforce that it is okay to hurt others.
  • Supervision is the key when your child is with other children. You may be able to distract or interrupt any behaviour that may lead to biting.
  • Give your child positive reinforcement and praise when he/she controls him/herself and doesn't bite.

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