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Title: Play, the sacred pastime of childhood, is under attack.
Post by: CareDC on June 07, 2008, 12:06:31 PM
Play is the optimal condition for learning - it's a creative, thinking, feeling space where children are artists at work," said doctoral candidate Kimberly Bezaire from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. "It's a very scary thing to think that some of [children's] little lives might be so busy going from activity to activity, moment to moment, this test to that test, that they don't get an opportunity to operate in those optimal spaces.
Title: Re: Play, the sacred pastime of childhood, is under attack.
Post by: jharrisece on June 07, 2008, 07:40:38 PM
I was just saying to one of my new preschool parents (as we discussed the daily routine, my philosophy, etc.) that 'play' seems to be considered a 'bad word' when it comes to preschool yet it IS a child's work, how they learn, grow and develop.  I then went on to explain the different types of play, how the day is organized to allow for each type, making it all connect together with a theme, allowing children to explore their own ideas, etc.  Play is not all spontaneous, there is also planned play activities, structured activities, unstructured, free-creative play time, one-on-one play, group play, solitary play.  Everything they are doing is play and it is their work.  Children need a variety of opportunities because life isn't just one way.   When you start to show them the 'science' behind play and how children learn from it then they seem to understand.  One of my parents said that she, the parent, has learned so much by her child being her because I go into detail what the child is doing, what they are learning, the stage of development they are at and then to assess them at it.  Providing different types of activites gives children different opportunities with different types of play. Whether that child is building a block town with friends, listens to a story and sing with the group, sit alone and colour with crayons, cut and glue a craft with the teacher, dress up a doll and have a tea party with one friend, write their name on a chalkboard, count out puzzle pieces, etc. - that is all play and they are learning from it.
Title: Re: Play, the sacred pastime of childhood, is under attack.
Post by: Icare on December 07, 2008, 10:57:51 PM
YES! I agree that the sacred pastime of childhood, is under attack & that sometimes families expect so much from their caregiver in general.

...Have you ever thought to yourself, that you should be teaching the children more & more
or that you are not doing enough 'work'?

...Have you ever felt...that 'FREE PLAY' is somehow a 'bad word'  :-\when discussing with a prospective daycare family your daily activities & routine...

WELL, it is nice to see, after the preschool lessons, colouring, painting, puzzles,games,craft-time & finally storytime have ALL passed ...that some good ol' fashion PLAY, & that imaginative PLAY is a GOOD activity after all! LOL.  ;D

Title: Re: Play, the sacred pastime of childhood, is under attack.
Post by: CareDC on December 07, 2008, 11:35:18 PM
I personally think free play is invaluable to the development of a child. Much like adults learn by trial and error, so do the kids.