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Title: Mother fights for right to nurse in pool
Post by: Laura on November 21, 2008, 03:35:50 PM
A breastfeeding brouhaha has broken out at a York Region swimming facility.

At one end of Newmarket's AquaCenter Swim School pool is Cinira Longuinho, who wants Ontario's Human Rights Tribunal to investigate why she was asked to leave the water Oct. 24 while breastfeeding her 20-month-old daughter Camilla on the pool steps.
"I believe in breastfeeding, just not in the pool," says pool owner Karkouti, 39, who is 17 weeks pregnant with her first child. "I gave her two options. I said I have comfortable chairs in the change room or the viewing gallery."
According to Karkouti, while salt and chlorine reduce dangerous bacteria in a pool, the water's still "filled with stuff that you can't kill people's pee and sweat and body stuff is in there. Am I ever going to stick my baby's mouth on a breast that's been in a pool without cleaning it (first)? Never, ever."

Longuinho, 32, was chatting with a bunch of mothers and kids during their weekly, hour-long swim session at AquaCenter when her daughter became cranky. Rather than climb out of the warm water onto the cool deck, out of range of her friends, Longuinho started nursing Camilla on the stairs, with her breasts above water.