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Author Topic: Links to sites with good information on safe sleep practices for infants  (Read 10421 times)

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Here are some good resources on best sleep practices for infants: You will find lots of very good information on crirb safety, playpens, bed sharing and much more.

Also: Stork Craft Baby Cribs safety concerns

Consumers should not return the crib. All consumers with cribs manufactured between May 2000 and November 2008 should contact Stork Craft to receive a free replacement kit with new mattress support brackets.

Full Product Description
All Stork Craft cribs with a manufacturing date between May 2000 and November 2008 are included in this voluntary recall. The manufacturing date can be found on the lower right hand corner of the instruction sheet which is glued on the mattress base.

The cribs were sold in various styles and finishes. The manufacture date, model number, crib name, country of origin, and the firm's name, address, and contact information are located on the assembly instruction sheet attached to the mattress support board. The firm's insignia "storkcraft baby" is inscribed on the drop side teething rail of some cribs.

Hazard Identified
The metal support brackets used to support the mattress frame can crack and break after stress is put upon them during incorrect installation. If one or more support brackets break, the mattress could potentially collapse and create a dangerous gap between the mattress and crib rails in which a child can become entrapped and suffocate.

Health Canada has received one complaint in which the metal mattress support bracket failed. No injury resulted from this incident.

Please note that these products meet current safety standards. This notice is posted as a precautionary measure. Stork Craft, in cooperation with Health Canada, is conducting a voluntary recall of this consumer product.
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Re: Links to sites with good information on safe sleep practices for infants
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This is the most helpful information. This is a common problem of most of the parents. Thanks for the giving the solution.


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