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DCK refuses to potty at daycare, but is fully potty trained elsewhere


I run a small daycare in my home (4 kids, 2 are mine, 2 are from other families) One of the little boys was moved here while potty training. He reverted for 1 week then was right back on track. He was even to the point where he didn't tell me he needed to go anymore, he would just run off to the bathroom, pull down his pants and use his potty. I always praised him and rewarded him for it (an m&m). Things were going well like this for about 2-3 weeks until one day he threw a tantrum when his mom dropped him off.

He screamed angrily for 45 minutes and refused to be comforted. He also refused to go potty. In that time he wet his pull up. I made sure not to make a big deal of it and changed it and he kept dry all day again. The next day the same routine. Tantrum, refuse potty, wet pull up, keep dry after change. He did this for the remainder of the week.

The next week he didn't tantrum as much, just a small protest everyday when mom left but still potty refusal in the morning and then as the week wore on throughout the day as well. The next week he seemed fine with mom/dad dropping him off, but absolutely refused to go potty at all. He would come into the bathroom with the other kids and sit on his potty with a bare bum every time I asked him to (I ask every 45 minutes, sometimes sooner) but would not use it. Then he'd wet or mess himself in between my asking. I would say "DCK, you made pee pees in your pull up, but that's not where we should make them, where do you think they should go?" and he would cheerfully respond "In the potty!" Then when I put his new pull ups on I would tell him "DCK, Tandi wants you to keep your pull ups dry, do you think you can do that?" He would say yes, then I would say "Tandi knows you can, and I will help you if you need, just ask" Then he'd skip off happily only to just wet them again. Then I would tend to the other kids, who had produced and start giving them their m&m's. DCK knows he doesn't get a reward for going in his pull up, but would basically climb my leg and almost panic while demanding an m&m with tears in his eyes. When he didn't get one, he would cry angrily. His parents told me to absolutely not give him one unless he goes in the potty.

He is fully potty trained outside of daycare. Even over night. He doesn't wear pull ups when he is not here. I thought maybe this is the problem, so Friday and Today (Monday) I tried letting him be without a pull up. It went really well on Friday he made it to the potty every time! I thought it was going well today, but when he went all morning without producing in his potty, yet pants remaining dry, I knew something was wrong. He denied peeing anywhere, but I thought I would check anyway. Sure enough he peed in various spots on the floor in my daughters room! I am so frustrated, and disappointed in myself as a childcare provider! What am I doing wrong here? Anyone else go through this?



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