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Author Topic: Harsh parenting linked to aggressive behaviour among youth:  (Read 6139 times)

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Harsh parenting linked to aggressive behaviour among youth:
« on: April 29, 2008, 05:33:32 PM »
The pathways linking mental health, delinquency and criminal activity are interrelated. Mental health can be influenced by various individual, social, cultural, physical and socio-economic determinants. These factors can, in isolation or combination, be related to delinquency and criminal activity. Among youth, for example, research shows that various factors related to mental health within the individual, family, school/peer and community setting are linked to youth's risk of engaging in aggressive behaviour and delinquency. Research also shows that youth involved with the criminal justice system are at high risk for compromised mental health, mental illness, suicide and addictions. A similar pattern is seen among incarcerated adults. Further, in some cases, mental health issues can precede criminal activity; in others, they may develop or worsen with continued criminal involvement and for some, with incarceration.

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