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Author Topic: Responsible, knowledgeable and loving adult babysitter gets dumped:  (Read 22286 times)

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Responsible, knowledgeable and loving adult (56yrs old) babysitter gets dumped: parents prefer to have an impulsive youngster to look after their child! What does this reveal about our present day society?
I worked for someone who was always lamenting that her teenaged sitter did nothing but eat her food and sit in front of the TV all day, that she didn't want to go anywhere by foot & made all kinds of mistakes while earning the same wage as myself when I worked there!
I read in forums that kids are getting paid minimum wage or more for babysitting and the house owners make sure to leave snacks for their SECOND child...
What is happening? So many concerns about safety and all kinds of made up anxieties, but yet all seems to be paradise when leaving a young child with a BIG child that is usually commanded by instincts, vices, hormones, etc. I have been brutally offended by the parents who put me below a teenager; "it's better for our child", they said to me! Why? are you in a rush for that child to start smoking or become familiar with certain sexual attitudes that can arise when hanging out with a teenaged HORMONE?
What kills me is that everyone demands half a dozen expensive certificates when it comes to handing their child over to a responsible adult, and yet they will pay more money to a kid and demand nothing in return! A kid can be very responsible, I'm not saying the contrary, but how will a kid deal with an unexpected incident; experience does play an important role here!
Recently read about a woman who hired a kid next door for pet sitting while she was away...upon returning home, her neighbours from below complained that their ceiling had been totally ruined by water! Upon investigation she found out that the petsitter would take showers there and not close the shower door (and the teen admitted to it) therefore soaking the floor...she wasn't even supposed to be showering there!
The houseowner ended up with a huge bill to pay & the kid's mother is still demanding that her daughter get paid after having semi destroyed the woman's house & creating all kinds of problems with the neighbours!
Older people are now considered useless; this has been going on for many years now, but it's getting to the point of no return!
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