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Author Topic: Full Day 5 Times a week kindergarten?  (Read 4405 times)

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Full Day 5 Times a week kindergarten?
« on: January 26, 2017, 10:14:05 PM »
 Hey fellow educators,

I am actually reaching out to you to get some advice on starting a Full day 5 times a week Kindergarten based out of my home. I am a certified Elementary teacher in Saskatchewan and have 7 years of experience in Elementary education. my son is ready to go to Kindergarten starting Sept 2017. Looking into Kindergarten programs available through out the city, I have noticed that there is not one Kindergarten which is full day full time, which means that I would have to pay daycare fees as well as daycare fees for my daughter (full time). Hence, I was considering running a Licensed Full Time Full day kindergarten from home. I would teach the outcomes from the Kindergarten curriculum as well as a little extra depending on the group of kids that register. I would however, be sending my daughter (15 months) to daycare full time so I could run a proper school just for kindergartners. My question to you you think that this model will work? In talking to parents, have you ever come across parents mentioning that they would enroll their child in a full day 5 days a week kindergarten or that they are looking for one? I realize that there are many day cares that accept Kindergarten children but they are all play based. Mine would be more academic focused.

Thank you in advance


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