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Author Topic: Oncall babysitter/nanny rate?  (Read 14748 times)

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Oncall babysitter/nanny rate?
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:43:33 PM »
Hey everyone!
I need some help figuring out a fair rate for what I do. It's a little complicated but I will explain the best I can. I have been an on call babysitter for my friends daughter for a few years now. She started school this year and these are my dutys:
-no set hours. Some days I have her from 7am until school drop off at 9 and after school until whenever one of her parents is done work. They both work different hours and never have set hours. Some days I dont have her at all. Some days only 1 hour some days up to 8 hours.
When I do have her my dutys are:
-breakfast, snack and dinner
-no prior notice to when I will be watching her so I am oncall everyday
-pick up and drop off to school which is a short bus ride away
-pick up and drop off to her sport activity
-no vacation or sick days.. I have her whether her or I are sick
-on occasion she sleeps here

They are paying me a weekly rate now and a small portion of my bus pass (we are located in Toronto). Dad is unhappy with the amount they are paying me right now. I just wanted other opinions on how much I should be paid. They would like to pay me a daily or weekly rate.
Thanks in advance!


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