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Author Topic: Summer Trip Ideas  (Read 7185 times)

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Summer Trip Ideas
« on: March 27, 2008, 03:10:59 PM »
Summer is approaching and now is the time for looking into trip ideas.  Here are some suggestions:

-Trips to the local park (some have wadding pools), have a picnic and take a nature walk
-zoo trips
-indoor playgrounds (for rainy days)
-trips to farms for picking fruits
-conservation parks have lots of activities available
-science centres

Feel free to add more, i have only scratched the surface.

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Re: Summer Trip Ideas
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2008, 06:52:20 PM »
When I had a childcare we did a different park every week, we have three free waterparks (not slides, just the fancy sprinkler-kinds) so we would do those, the Wildlife Park (they have a waterpark too!), museum, firehall and fire museum, playcentres, matinees, library, beach, Tranquille (the old TB institution that is its own little city! - very cool and I know the caretakers.  It is like going to a ghost town and the kids think that it is neat to see the giant laundry room, firehall, school, tunnels, 3 hospitals, etc.) River's walk, school playgrounds, public playgrounds (a different one every week) public wading/swimming pool (you can only go to public pools here, not private ones.  Only wading pools under 12 inches deep are allowed in daycares).   We would do the library summer reading program once a week, a playground once a week and a park once a week.  We would take the bus and that is an adventure in itself!  We always had one big lunch at a restaurant once in the summer, one matinee, then fill in the days with visits to other places.  On top of that there was at least one art activity, one craft activity, circle time, planned theme activities for water and sand play, outdoor play, centres (writing/dramatic play/blocks and building/fine motor skills).  My days were kept busy!


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