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Fraud Scam
This is a warning for anyone that wants to put your children with this lady...
I booked a spot for my son. Paid a $300 deposit for the spot which would cover the last 2 weeks of him in daycare. $150 a week or $30 a day. He would be in daycare Monday-Friday. I work in transcona. Take the bus to get to work. It was agreed that her hours were 8-5PM. His first day was a Thursday, I paid in advance for his next 7 days($210) which should have covered till the following Friday and I could then make $150 payments for ever week in advance. He was fine when I dropped him off Thursday morning on my way to work. Nothing new except a new day care. By the time I got to work just about an hour later she was calling and blowing up my phone because my son would not stop crying. I had to go back and get him. "I dont like crying she said". This was not like him. New daycare? What can I say? The next day he did not want to go back, but I did not have a choice. I dropped him off friday, and the same thing happened again before I got to work over an hour later she was calling and texting to come and pick him up because he was crying. I IGNORED HER. she stopped calling around 10am. And when I picked him up at 5pm she said he stopped about an hour after she was sending messages and calling. Good job daycare!! Doing your job is what you should be doing.
It was a long weekend, so he did not go back until Tuesday. On Tuesday when I dropped him off she said I had to pay AGAIN. I asked "why?".... she said "you have to pay for SAT, SUN, MON, of the long weekend". The three days he was NOT there??? I had to argue with her that that is not right. And then she stated that I could not drop him off till 9am and had to pick him up by 4:30 because she does not want to have children in her home till 5PM. I was floored. That was an hour and a half less then what was agreed upon when I found her business. But she agreed not to charge me for the three days that he was not in her care(wasnt that nice of her??) All day Tuesday I had to try and make arrangements to try and get him picked up by 4:30 and figure out how I was supposed to get him dropped off the following day an hour later than what was agreed upon weeks earlier and also confirmed 5 days previously. I left work early again to pick him up by the time she wanted(4:30). But when I picked him up, she stated "he did not nap from 2-4pm like I want the children to nap" he was crying when I got there and continued to cry for an hour after I picked him up. All he would say was that the lady was "mean". My son is 4 years old. He is not a child that cries. This was something that bothered me greatly and I was at a loss what to do. The next day Wednesday, he was almost terrified, crying and sucking his breath when he was told he had to go to day care. I could not bring myself to take him back. I called Eloisa and explained that it was not going to work out. I barely got those words out of my mouth, when she cut me off and her only response was "YOU ARE NOT GETTING YOUR DEPOSIT BACK" and hung up. I was appalled that that was her only response. This is just a warning to any parent thinking about daycares and hope you avoid this lady. There is something wrong here!!! I dont know what to say. I did my due diligence and introduced him his first day. He was ok before I left. My son cannot express what happened I dont want to push. Money was not the issue it was the care of my child and I did not even get the opportunity to discuss this with her.  She is a member on this website. Yet I cannot leave a review for her business? So I will use this forum to express my concern. Thank you.


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