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How to dress a newborn?

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A newborn is to be born in the summer months (June-July).  How would one dress the infant when leaving the hospital?

depending on time of day and temperature etc, but a diaper shirt and a wee hat goes a long way :D  If its a girl a little dress and a a bonnet or just the little hospital nighties that tie on the back .. I was never into really dressing up my little ones during the I stuck to what was comfortable..Loose cotton pajamas with no you know someone havign a baby this summer Laura? :)

I dressed my little one in a light PJ and hat and covered her in a receiving blanket.  (not so sure how well little ones regulate their body temperatures-first time mom)

With the way the weather is in Canada you never know how to dress yourself, it's better to use layers and take a layer off if it's too hot, or add a layer if too cold.

Very good answer!


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