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Author Topic: Finding child care: Tips for parents listed  (Read 3386 times)

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Finding child care: Tips for parents listed
« on: October 28, 2008, 05:30:35 PM »
Here is a good article on how to find daycare for your child. It is US based, but I feel it is still relevant.

Parents want their children to succeed in school and in life. You and your family are your childís first and best teachers, but the people who care for your child when you canít be there are very important too. Good child care is a first step to school success. Studies show that children who get quality child care enter school with better math, language, and social skills.

Parents want their children to be safe and happy, loved and cared for, and learning a lot each day. Below are some tips, questions to ask yourself and general things to look for when choosing a good child care facility or licensed family child care home.

Do you and your child feel welcome? As a parent, you should be greeted personally and feel welcome when you visit. Children should receive warm, individual attention.

Do the children and adults get along well? Children should look happy and be able to play and talk together as well as with the adults. Adults seem to enjoy being with the children. Adults talk with rather than at children, and they listen carefully and give thoughtful responses. Adults talk to and play with the babies as well as the older children. Children have continuity in their relationships remaining with the same teacher or caregiver (and children) over the course of the day and for many months or years.

Are the childrenís safety and health priorities? The facility


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