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Author Topic: Canadian kids get failing fitness grade  (Read 3001 times)

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Canadian kids get failing fitness grade
« on: April 27, 2010, 02:05:18 PM »
Most Canadian young people are still failing to make the grade when it comes to meeting recommended physical activity guidelines, and fewer than half of children under five are integrating physical activity into their daily routines, says a report released Tuesday.

In its sixth annual report card, Active Healthy Kids Canada assigned an "F" for physical activity levels for the fourth consecutive year.

The report card suggests only 12 per cent of Canadian children and youth are getting the 90 minutes recommended for daily physical activity. Meanwhile, young people are continuing to devote considerable time to video games, computers and TV, accumulating six hours of screen time on weekdays and more than seven hours on weekend days, the report says.

The report also expressed concern that children aren't spending enough time being active in their early years. This is based in part on the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth, which suggests 36 per cent of two- to three-year-olds and 44 per cent of four- to five-year-olds regularly engage in unorganized sport and physical activity each week.

While there is variation in international guidelines, the report said the consensus is that kids one to five years old should participate in at least two hours of daily physical activity. Despite recommendations that children under two should have zero screen time, more than 90 per cent begin watching television before that age, the report said.


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