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Author Topic: Wi-Fi Making Students Sick? Parents Demand Ontario School Turn It Off  (Read 3070 times)

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As the new school year looms, students in Barrie, Ontario, have more to worry about than homework. Many were sickened last school year with an array of alarming symptoms that some parents believe were caused by the schools Wi-Fi, or wireless Internet system.

As the start of the new year approaches, parents are demanding the school system shut off the wireless Internet systems in the elementary schools. After all, their children's health is at stake, say the parents.

Claims that Wi-Fi is safe from Canada Health may be based on outdated information as the scientific communities revise standards amidst growing evidence of adverse health and biological effects.

Although the Ontario Ministry of Education has listened to the parents' concerns, they say the local school board must ultimately decide what to do. So far, they have decided to do nothing.


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