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Harbourview Montessori - child care review and scores

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Harbourview Montessori - daycare location and information

290 Murphy Road
Sydney NS
Age groups:
Toddler Kindergarten Preschool Schoolage
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user comment

November 08 2014

We are thrilled that we chose this program for our child beginning at 3 years old. The Montessori philosophy that supports a child's self-direction and intrinsic motivation to learn has been a very positive experience for our child and family. Our child LOVES going to school everyday. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and attentive to each child's individual needs. We appreciate the cultural diversity that is evident and respected in the Harbourview community. We appreciate the attention to peace and respect amongst students and we love the emphasis on time outdoors. I would highly recommend Harbourview Children's House as an alternative to daycare.

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