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How much do you pay for child care in Etobicoke?

The question of how much it costs to place a child in daycare is asked frequently on forums and social media sites. The purpose of the child care cost survey below is to provide accurate and up-to-date child care cost to our visitors. Please fill out this quick survey. You will help parents who are in the process of budgeting for this sizable expense. The responses are anonymous and only aggregate data will be posted.

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User submitted comments

daycare comment

November 19, 2008

First daycare centres are very hard to find but when you finally find one and you will see what kind of care your child will get you realize that the problem is not only with quantity of daycare centres but also with their quality.

My experience with one centre

1.pacifiers on the floor pick up but whichever child
2.caregivers as well as walking infants do not change shoes entering a room
3. food given to kids mouth from caregivers hand picked up from highchair tray !! the tray is desinfected by chemicals they food (spag with meatballs) just put on it - no spoon!! are condition to fit other's schedule no matter what age!!
5. diaper changes infrequent and only switch from dirty to clean - no wipping, no cream applied - when asked they answered that they dont do that there!!!
6.toddler washrooms where kids are being changed stink of sewage!!!!!!!!!
7.heater is frequently off in the winter and there is only small air condition unit in the summer which doesnt give proper cooling
8. caregivers seem to be uneducated in child care (one opinion: an infant 2 months younger than the other was called behind and this 2 months difference called "little") they do not speak good english therefore it is hard to communicate with them
9.they do not follow parents instructions instead are trying to fit the child into their own schedule
10.they do not dress kids appropriate to the weather: ex. a child in a summer pants and shoes dressed to go out in the winter 3 degrees C. when asked: parents didnt provide proper clothing - my answer so then you shouldn't take them out in this weather Their answer: we are following the ministry regulation to go out everyday!
11. kids are abandoned on the floor most of the time, some are picked up..but some just ignored..there is a strong preferential treatment among the caregivers ...
12.too much time is wasted for talking between friends (caming from different rooms for chats) kids ignored waiting for the conversation to finish..
13.this is a long least so I may as well end it here...I stated most shocking in my opinion
GOod luck in your search...

What's it like to look for a daycare spot in Etobicoke?

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