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Amanda's Home Daycare - child care review and scores

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Amanda's Home Daycare - daycare location and information

E 25th Street
Hamilton ON
Upper Wentworth/Fennel
Age groups:
Infant Toddler Kindergarten Preschool Schoolage
(905) 929-3764
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user comment

March 14 2017

Amandas home daycare was very unaccommodating, when my child couldnt attend for a two week span she wouldnt switch one day to accommodate me for missing days. In the end it resulted in more missed days then attended over a span of 3 months. Also the contract that was provided seemed like it was only a guideline, she changed holidays with only a weeks notice but asked the other parents a month in advance. The contract stated if the holiday was on the weekend she would take the monday or friday off, she took off the thursday. The thursday was the only day my child attended that week. We addressed this issue and we still had to pay for that missed day without asking if my child would want to come in another day. The contract stated that a written notice was needed to be provided a month in advance for termination in order to get our deposit of $80 back. We texted over three weeks for termination asking if a text was sufficient enough, she didn't object.We came to get the deposit and it was denied.

Review Rebuttal

user comment

March 30 2017

My heart is very sad that I've received this review.
I've had nothing but great things said about myself and my home daycare.

This review was brought to my attention from a new family that's starting with me next week.
This review was written over 2 months after this family left my daycare.

I have to say, It's very sad that this family felt I was unaccommodating to there needs, and had written this review.

I had explained to this family many times that they have a set day. The family wanted me to move there daughter temporarily to a new day or If a child was absent due to illness I'd contact them to make up the day they were unable to attend due to illness or a hoiiday they wanted to take.. I was already accommodating them as much as I could as they were once a week rotating every Tuesday/Thursday. If a family goes on vacation or the child is sick they still have to pay for that day.

One of messages the father sent me..

"Amanda is there any possibility that you can take ----- either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week if you have any availability. Cause she won't be there Thursday and the following Tuesday as we are going away on holidays"

I replied with "Hello, unfortunately I have no space, I would be over my numbers"

He then said "no problem, if someone doesn't show up can you let us know?"

I said "Unfortunately I'm unable to switch your day."

The next week while they were on holidays I get a text.

"Just a heads up that we are giving our notice for termination for ________.
Reason being cause she seems to be missing more days then she has been there so it's not feasible for us to be paying for all the missed days."

I was shocked that they were pulling her out because I was unable to fit them in other days if they weren't able to come due to a vacation or sick days.

I replied with a message telling them
"Sorry to see you guys go.
I wish I could accommodate you.
Unfortunately I can't go over my numbers and you arranged alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays as your set days. Those are your set days and you pay for that spot weather you are her or not.
All home daycare's have the same guideline and you will run into this problem again 😞
It saddens me to see you go, ------ was doing great while being here.

- 1 week later father sent a text, "my daughter will not be at daycare this week. Are we getting the deposit back?"

I replied with "Unfortunately the deposit will not be refunded to you. I stated in the contract there needs to be 1 month written notice and not while the family is on holidays. You sent me a quick text while on holidays.
Your daughter is more then welcome to come for those two weeks, as the deposit covers the last 2 weeks of care.

I never heard back after my last message.

This family was late with payment and I let it slide, the next week I had to remind them that payment was due. I was very accommodating to them.

I gave my Christmas/New Year schedule out 2 months in advance. I ran it by all of my families and they agreed and it was't a problem. I didn't even tell them I asked them.
Unfortunately this family didn't get as much notice as they started care with me the first week of December. The family thought it wasn't far that they were being charged for the stat holiday when they only come once a week, they said they'd understand if they were coming 5 days a week, but I shouldn't be charging them because they only come once a week.

The family knowingly sent their daughter to daycare with pinkeye, she was recently playing with her cousin that weekend who had pinkeye. Family was very upset that they had to come pick her up (the rotating days I have there daughter are the parents days off)

Thank you for reading this review response. I felt as though I truly had to explain myself and reply as my reputation matters to me!
I'm doing good in the world by providing exceptional care to all of my daycare children, loving them as my own and working along side my parents in raising there children.

I enjoy communication with my families.. we're in this together! I think respect and communication with my parents is number 1, aside from loving their children.

Every family I have worked for has had nothing but amazing things to say and it truly warms my heart.
I do the best I can for my families and there children.

There's always that 1 person that wants to crush it.. there's a reason why there's a contract and policy, it keeps things running smoothly.

Even just one bad review.. it's all it takes.

Fortunately I have kept these text messages and I was able to go back and refer to them.

This review honestly upsets me and I felt as though I needed to explain.
I have many great references and I'm so grateful!

Have a great day 😊

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